The intent of this program is to encourage LCV Members to explain to Non-Members the benefits of becoming an LCV Member.   It is valid for member certificates acquired directly from LCV only.
Lake Carlos Villas Cooperative Resort currently has 2-bedroom or larger units for Season Two, Three, and Holiday (weeks 51-52) Memberships available. Each Membership Certificate is for one week per year during the certificate season at a time chosen by the Member, based upon availability.
In addition to current LCV members receiving a complimentary 2-year Interval International, LCV is able to offer complimentary 2-year Interval International memberships to 50 new LCV season 2, 3, or Holiday members. This opportunity is available until January 21, 2023, or until all 50 memberships have been assigned to new LCV members. Several of the complimentary memberships have already been assigned to new LCV members. When they are gone – they are gone.
The New LCV Member will receive a complimentary 2-year Interval International Membership and one hundred dollars ($100) LCV Membership dues credit to be applied to the following year dues.
After the New Member pays LCV the membership fee and dues for a Season-Two, Three, and Holiday 2 Bedroom or a larger unit to become an LCV Certificate Member, the Referring LCV Member may receive the one-time usage of a Season three 2 BR week free of charge anytime from November through April, based upon availability. The rewarded Three-season week may be used at LCV by the LCV Member or banked with an exchange company of the LCV Member’s choice.  If the LCV members prefers, they may chose a one hundred dollars ($100) LCV Membership dues credit to be applied to the following year dues.  The LCV member must choose only one award.
There is no limit to the number of new member referral award. The more new LCV members referred, the more referral awards earned.
The LCV Member must be current on all their LCV dues, surcharges, and fees and has not returned any unit to LCV during the past 3 years in order to receive the referral reward. The referral award week cannot be rented to others and cannot be split into two or more stays.
Also, an LCV Member may refer yourself and receive the LCV MEMBER REFERRAL AWARD, by adding a 2 bedroom or larger Season-Two, Three, and Holiday week to your current membership. The new unit will be added to your current 2-year complementary Interval International Membership at no additional charge.
If you have any questions about the program, contact the LCV Office. 
This is a limited time offer, is subject to change by LCV without notice, and has no cash value.

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