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Finally, we believe the hot tub is repaired. Instead of doing a very costly replacement we were able to get several pipes replaced that we believe were leaking.  This may not be a permanent fix, but we are hopeful this will buy us some time before we need to replace the entire hot tub.  A new hot tub could cost anywhere between $130,000 to $150,000.



The LCV indoor pool heater quit working and we have purchased a replacement.  With this new heater and the hot tub repair, we should be back to enjoying these LCV facilities.



In April, we had 42 owners show up for our spring maintenance weekend.  This is a great time to not only get LCV up and running for the next season, but to connect with other owners.  The weather was cold and windy but interacting with each other was warm and friendly. We want to sincerely thank all the owners for volunteering their time and efforts to help make LCV a beautiful resort.



The new stucco and painting of the outside units will be completed in the near future.  We need to stay on top of these improvements to keep our resort in excellent shape and to maintain a silver crown rating from RCI.



We lost two valuable staff members this spring who did so much to make LCV a wonderful resort.  LCV is looking for an office staff person and a maintenance person.  If interested in any of these positions, please contact Nancy Seth through the LCV office.



There will be a small increase in boat lift and dock fees this year.  LCV costs for installation and removal of docks have increased. With increased usage, maintenance costs for the lifts and docks have also increased.  We are trying to replace all of our older boat lifts to meet the needs of accommodating owners with newer and larger boats.



A dozen new mattresses have replaced older mattresses so owners will have a more comfortable stay.

We have also replaced several pieces of furniture in several units..



For those owners who have not seen the inside of unit 20 (former apartment), we have posted pictures of unit 20 in a photo gallery on the LCV website. Go to and look for the drop-down tab called "Units" then "Unit 20 Gallery."  Owners who have stayed in this 2-bedroom unit have been pleased with the charming look and feel.  Also under the tab on the website called "Units" is information for owners under the tab, "Use of Unit 20." The tab "Lottery Form for Unit 20," includes the form for owners interested in usage of weeks 21-38.



A reminder to check out our Lake Carlos Villas website at and Lake Carlos Villas Facebook page.  Feel free to post pictures or comments on the Facebook page.


Make sure to let the office know if you have any changes in email address, home address or phone number.


Director, LCV Board

Paul Rudberg

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