As many lake users of LCV may have noticed, the Board has decided to start charging for the use of a Boat Lift. The fee is $50 for the week. Percentage-wise, this is a huge increase, considering that previously there was a very minimal charge. The primary reason that the Board started charging was related to the fact that users are continually getting bigger boats, which require bigger lifts and more repairs, which require bigger expenditures. This “user’s fee” is fairer to the majority of owners who do not use the docks and lifts. As distasteful as the fee may seem, it might be a good idea to look at what other timeshares are doing. I recently got a newsletter from Breezy Point which stated their fees. They charge $25.00 a day, or $50.00 for a weekend, or $95.00 for the week for a BOAT SLIP. This does not include a lift; they do not have any lifts. I also noted that they charge $12 for two hours of renting a canoe (LCV is free), $8 for two hours of paddleboat (LCV is free) and $85 a day for a boat with an 8HP motor. LCV charges $175 for a motor ($200 for electric start) for the week, and the boat is free. Overall, it still seems like LCV is a good deal!!!!! Dale Schneiderhan

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