Trial Membership Program

The Trial Membership is for Non-Members who want to stay at LCV.  The intent of the program is for Non-Members to try LCV to see for themselves if it is a good option for their future vacations. It may be used during 3-season time, based on availability.

RESERVATIONS:  Call LCV Office (320-846-1784) or email the LCV office to make reservations.  The Trial Membership Fee must be received by LCV within 3 weeks of making the reservation or prior to check-in, whichever is earlier.  The fee is non-refundable, but the reservation may be rescheduled with a 14-day notice based upon availability.
Unit size Trial Membership Fee
Reserve 1 - 180 days
 in advance
2 Bedroom/1 Bath – Up to 6 guests
  • 1 Night – $155
  • Nights 2-7 - $90/Night        
2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath – Up to 6 guests
  • 1 Night – $165
  • Nights 2-7 - $100/Night        
2 Bedroom/Loft – Up to 8 guests
  • 1 Night – $175
  • Nights 2-7 - $110/Night        
3 Bedroom – Up to10 guests        
  • 1 Night – $190
  • Nights 2-7 - $120/Night      
Non-Members may apply 100% of the Trial Membership Fee toward the Three-season Membership fees and first-year dues when becoming a Member at the time of their visit. The total amount credited will not exceed the Membership fee and first-year dues.

  • The maximum number of guests per unit size must be observed.
  • All LCV rules apply to trial membership usage.


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