1. You may submit your entry form for the 2021 lottery for weeks 21- 38 by completing the form below and sending it to LCV via US Mail or e-mail. The LCV Office must receive your form on or before one year prior to the check-in date of the week requested.         
  1. You may submit one form for each Summer, Holiday (51&52), and Season Two
Week that you own.  You may submit two forms for each Season Three week that you own. You may copy this form when submitting more than one entry.
  1. You may request more than one time period on the form IF you wish your form
to be placed in the next drawing in the event that it is not drawn in the1st lottery indicated.
For example, if you check all 18 weeks and your form is NOT drawn for week 21,
it will be put in the "pool" for the week 22 drawing, etc.  
  1. There will be 18 drawings.  On the Tuesday after the earliest reservation date for
each of the 18 weeks, a drawing will be made by the LCV office, with at least
two owners present.
       5.  If your form is drawn for one of the weeks you indicated, you will receive
a call from the LCV office. You may have a choice as to whether you want a partial or full week.
  1. Check the document on the website, “Members Use of Unit 20 During 2021,”
for Fees and Rules.
Mail this form to:  Lake Carlos Villas,    3954 Co. Rd. 42 NE,     Alexandria, MN 56308
Or e-mail to:
Owner  Name____________________________________  Cert. No.____________
(City, State, Zip)   _____________________________________________________
E-mail address_______________________________________________________
Please enter my form into the lottery drawing for Unit 20 of the Year 2021 for one or more
of the weeks listed below.
Week 21____   Week 22____   Week 23____   Week 24____   Week 25____   Week 26____
Week 27____   Week 28____   Week 29____   Week 30____   Week 31____   Week 32____
Week 33____   Week 34____   Week 35____   Week 36____   Week 37____   Week 38____
___________________________       _____________      ______________________                     
Signature of owner                            Telephone no.                e-mail address         


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