The intent of this program is to encourage Members to explain to Non-Members the benefits of becoming LCV Members.  Current Members may also refer themselves for the offers and receive the rewards when acquiring additional certificate weeks.
Lake Carlos Villas Cooperative Resort currently has Season-Two, Three, and Holiday (weeks 51-52) Membership Certificates available. Each Membership Certificate is for one week per year during the certificate season at a time chosen by the Member, based upon availability.
A great way to introduce a Non-Member to LCV is to invite them to be your guest at the resort.  They may either stay in your unit or if the Non-Member prefers their own unit during their stay, the Member may request the Non-Member receive the use of the Member Extra Usage Program. The fee would be the Extra Usage Fee depending upon the unit size and how far in advance the request is made.  The Member must be staying at LCV during the time of the Non-Member’s stay if they use the Extra Usage Program.
When a Member refers a Non-Member to LCV who becomes a member, the Member receives the reward below.
After the Non-Member becomes a Member, the referring Member will receive one-time usage of a 2 BR unit during Season Three from November through April free of charge, based upon availability. The rewarded Season Three week may be used at LCV by the Member or banked with an exchange company of the Member’s choice.  It cannot be rented to others.

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